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What we have here, is a failure to communicate

This message I received shocked me a little.  I am by no means a skanky girl, nor do I present myself that way with my personality or the way I dress.  (Yes this information is pertinent to what I’m posting.) Most of my pictures online or any of these sites, are just normal plain jane pics or really oddball pics.  I didn’t feel like actually editing my Christmas picture so you can’t see my face, so I found this one on the internet instead.  I actually have a picture up of me and my brother in ugly Christmas sweaters.  Because that’s just me.  As Charlie Sheen put it best “That’s how I roll!”  So now with that lil background info, I’m sure you can see why I was shocked with this message.

Subject:  Your pictures are slutty.

Message:  So when are you gonna show me just how much?

WTF.  Really asshole?  FAIL!!!!! I can’t even tell you how quickly I clicked my favorite button on dating sites… “BLOCK.”  He made me want to delete that profile, but then I realized I wouldn’t have anything fun to blog about!! Duh.
Here’s what I’d love to do to this guy: