The making of ODF

Let me start off by saying that my first 2 “real” relationships were started via internet.  Also let me add in that they are both failed relationships. I didn’t actually meet them on dating sites though which is the weird part about it, but still via internet none-the-less.  Now let me put it out there I am not some hideous 500lb woman who can only meet guys online.  I’ve dated my fair share of guys I’ve met out, but then again how well do relationships really go when you meet someone in a bar after 1 or 3 martini’s?  They’re not long- I’ll just say that.

Now that we’re clear on that, let’s get into why I’m still using online dating sites.  Well, after my last relationship when I was finally ready to get out there again I started a profile on a site which will nickname CupidSucks for right now.  I more or less started it because I was bored and just wanted to see what and who were out there.  I came across so many odd, creepy guys.  Then I met someone we’ll nickname Tiny Pocket.  Tiny Pocket lied about his height, and had a lot of baggage with him.  Somehow I still agreed to hang out with him but put it out there I wanted nothing more than that.  While hanging out for a month I soon realized why he had all of this baggage and cut all ties.  Cue in new dating site.  We’ll call this one PlentyofCreeps.  I met a guy that seemed great, also lied about his height, but all in all he seemed normal.  After a month or so of dating I have called it quits, and have also decided to stray away from any type of relationship right now.  However, I still wanna go out so here we go back to PlentyofCreeps and CupidSucks.

After several disgusting, absurd, and weird messages, my friend decided I should start a blog about these guys and their messages.  In the future I’d like this site to make me a ton of money and I can just lay in bed all day blogging about creeps… In reality, this will just be some form of sanity to vent to the female population of WordPress America.


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