Most of the images and/or videos used on this site are ones I used from a Google image search and are not my own.  If however there is anything done by myself or anyone I know, I will definitely let you know so that we can take all the credit for it.

Names of dating sites have been changed, and some names of people I have dated have been changed as well (obviously I never actually dated a guy named Tiny Pocket).

If you contribute to this site and want your actual name used and are not afraid of people making fun of you or spamming you, please feel free to sign a waiver for me first!

Also- this is not to discourage you from dating online, as you can see from some of these posts it can be very entertaining! And I have to say I have met a few nice guys along the way, even some friends. Have at it, and then send me all of your horror stories!!



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