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From what I’ve gathered from guys I talk to, women don’t really send the first message on dating sites.  If they do, they are not out of the ordinary.  Finally someone sent me a message they received from a woman that is blogworthy!  I am really excited about this!  I would love for more people to send in messages they receive so I can post them.   This girl really knows how to get a guys attention.   Even if she’s not serious, I’m willing to bet she gets a lot of replies.

totally fuckable.

I mean, what guy would get that message and not message a girl back?  Well I guess unless maybe she was missing an eye, or her nose, or if she was 800lbs, or maybe even if she was half zombie.  Wait, if she was half zombie I’d message her back!  Anyways, I didn’t ask my friend if he did message her back or not so I’ll have to update this later with his response(*See below for update).  Until then I’m not labeling this a fail.  I like the angle she’s working. I have to be honest, I thought that maybe if a guy wrote this to me I’d have something different to write in this post, but I decided he would definitely get a message back.  Only because I’d hope he was using it just to be funny and get my attention.  The second I received any picture of his skinny wiener, he’d be a FAIL post for sure.

*I know you were all waiting patiently for his response to this message, here is what he told me.  i totally responded to that girl’s message. how could i not? haha. she then claimed she’d never sent anything like that before and didn’t know what came over her. this is, of course, exactly the right thing to say if it works. but then again, i *am* totally fuckable, so maybe its true?

In my opinion, this girl is a genius!

Sony won’t let me embed this video on here, but trust me- it’s well worth clicking and movin’ on over to YouTube for.  It’s the best video to sum up equality of men and women in my opinion.