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Almost there!

I could have probably found a better picture to go along with this post but it’s late and I’ve been painting all day.  The creativity has almost left my body.  The point I was trying to get across was that she was almost done… almost there.. get it? Well. Um.. Here ya go!

Your eyes are beautifully stunning, ur just a cuttie.

If you’ve actually kept up with my blog you’ll know that one of the first things I wrote about was grammar.  Trust me, I go through these sometimes and think “How did I miss a word?” or “That spelling is horrible!”  BUT I can’t help but still make fun of people for it.  If you want to edit these and make fun of me, go right ahead.  I’ll blog about it!
I can’t believe he started off so grammatically correct and then took a dump on my heart.  Cuttie? Really?  You go from “beautifully stunning” to cuttie? Ugh.  FAIL.