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Head, Palm. Head, Keyboard.


Did you know you can put restrictions on what people can send you on dating sites?  Its great!  The best idea ever besides Jamba Juice.  I obviously have a restriction that you have to type a certain amount of characters before you can send me a message.  Tricky lil buggers try and get around it by pulling stupid crap like this.

Will you be my eskimo?  I like your Picture It is “professional” kudos!  I have to put fill in here now because you will not accept a shot message!  here goes  ;alskjfd2qe-2[3t]43iwrjgijfls igoj jwr[qwej ]rj ;akf64   wrg h356 y 35y as;ldkfj ;lkjf0we9u g g et r f a;lkdsjf ;ij 35y

I put that on there to keep the boring guys away who write “hi.”  I should probably put a restriction on there now for people who want me to be their eskimo.  FAIL.

I didn’t even watch this video to see if they show eskimo’s in it, but I’m assuming they do.  I’d suggest also not watching it because it will be stuck in your head for days…. DAYS!