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Long Overdue

FINALLY!  A  message worth blogging about.
So we all know that there are various ways of getting someones attention on the internet.  There’s the infamous “poking” on Facebook, and dating sites have “winks.”  I received 2 winks from this “cupcake.”  Yes, his name has to do with cupcakes and he is 47 years old.  He winked at me at the end of January and I ignored it, then again last week which was also ignored, then I received this beautiful message from him.

Who we kidding? Let just tell each other the truth. Im here looking for a beautiful girl like you for a good time. I would like to meet you and have wild sex with you all night. If we have the chemistry and the sex was as good for me as it most definitly will be for you then we can meet up again and make a habit of it. Eventually you will figure out there is no other man out there that will give you 8 orgasms in one sexy session and fall madly in LOVE with me. Well what you think of that Darling???? NUM NUM NUM NUM

I just re-read his message to get the juices flowing (no pun intended) on how to sum up this message and I just have a completely disgusted confused look on my face.  WEIRDO!  FAIL.
*Update. He messaged me yet again.  You have nothing to say at all?  Talk to me darling.  You know your wondering whats this guy all about.Well among other problems, darling, your grammar is disgustingly hideous.  He also now changed his name to Buttercup from Cupcake.  No sir, you cannot butter my muffin.  Thank you, and good day!
I’m not too sure about the “num num num num” part, but here’s some NOM NOM NOM for you.