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Drugs R Bad.. MmmmK

[There is no picture for this one because I’m using the computer at work and with my luck will forget to delete any weird picture I save.]

If school hadn’t taken over my life (I just wrote life taken over my school) recently, I would have had a lot more posted on here, because apparently there are still a bunch of guys out there who haven’t given me a good dose of creep yet.  I’m a funny girl.  I like funny boys.  I have it listed on my profile as my headline “make me laugh.”  I guess you could take that several ways, or not, or something, shut up I’m tired.  I have it listed in my profile that I hate people who try to make me laugh and I guess I should have explained myself.  I meant- I like people who are naturally funny.  Not guys who try to be funny to impress girls, or think telling a knock knock joke is goin to sweep me off my feet.  Unless it has to do with corn in mop, then we’ll get along perfectly.  Poo jokes are always a winner in my heart. 

Just read my ad and I think you might laugh.  Write me any time i would like to chat.  Oh wow just read your ad and you want to laugh but you dont want people to try to be funy wow.  So how can they funny if they dont try to make you laugh lol.  Either i am really high or the acid trip extended to you last night lol.  Only joking but sorry i am trying to joke but not sure if this makes you mad or hell now i am confussed lol.  Seriously though for some clarity, I like making people laugh mostly women.  I am guessing this is better than me saying hi and lets chat lol.  Thanks.

Confussed?  I’m confused now. How’d you like that? Funny right? His run on sentences annoyed me more than reading his profile about how he is a rapper and poet.  What is with the Eminem types that I draw in?  FAIL.


We have a situation

*My deepest apologies for not posting anything yesterday, I’ll make it up to ya and post two today! Maybe more since I have the day off…

In a few messages, guys will try to be funny and add all of my interests in one message in some sort of creative way.  Kudos for at least reading my profile. However, in this specific message, the only thing I think I mentioned was maybe Weezer.  Maybe.  The rest of the message… well.. I guess just read it.

Subject: hihihihihihihihi…..with a side of hi
A drunk zombie ate my brains listening to

weezer, so then I drank jameo, took a
picture of myself in the bathroom, only
cause that’s where my mirror is, then I
sh*tmy pants and fell asleep cause I was
board from laying next to a tiger…ok,
seriously….Im a collar popping showcase
from the jersey shore, and my abs are
lathered with pbr, actually I have no abs,
or maybe a couple but their covered with
beer….my collar got ripped in a fight, and
my weezer got tossed out in 98, however
I still enjoy the company of converse, pbr
and cheese steaks…..thoughts?

I debated for awhile actually letting him know what my thoughts are, but back to the golden rule of not saying anything if you can’t say anything nice at all.  Well, I mean don’t say anything directly to them but blog about it instead.  My thoughts are that he was maybe on some very potent illegal substance, or he is just like our friend who wanted to send me a little rap about long island’s and Eminem.  I’m all for creativity, and expressing yourself, but I’m not sure what this is.  Let’s say C for effort, A for completely weirding me out, and F for FAIL.

Um, what?

Usually I’m pretty
good at figuring out what crazy people are talking about, or at
least why they started talking, but in this case…. um,
what? Sure at one point in some century or another it was
cute for guys to write romantic poems for girls, but… um, what?

the F! Why must the long
island have to have
a looooong
list of ingredients? I’ll
go to the bar and make the
bartender do all the work. One of
these days I’ll have my mini
bar! &
no Eminem you will not
raise the bar. It will
stationary & on

Sorry I was
feeling random. I
keep it simple because
should be simply enjoyable.
swim right through here. Have a
happy holiday & happy new

Thanks oh
nameless one. Your Eminem like rapping skills, and Mel Gibson
ramblings made me weak in the knees! FAIL.