And we’re back!

I opened up the sites again, and was sad to say I had few interesting or humorous messages.   I received one the other day that said “your cute.”  Now, if you follow along with this at all you know how much I hate the incorrect use of your vs. you’re.  I almost posted it on here and went on a rant, but I held out.   I am so glad I did, and trust me you will be too!

WordPress doesn’t really feel like working with me on uploading a photo right now but it should have been a picture of Tom Green.  The reasoning behind this?  The guys name was Tom and he had bug eyes.  Duh.

On my profile I said that a certain book was next on my to read list, and apparently we both have that in common.  What else do we have in common?  Nothing.  Actually I won’t ever really know because I will not respond to this message.

Confederacy of dunces is also on my list…and like Hall and or Oates, your kiss is also on my list.

I’m sure he was trying to be funny.  Trying would be the key word in this sentence.  I think I took it more along the lines of creepy though.  This was just a small post, but I gotta get back into the groove.  It should also be completely obvious what song is going to be posted.


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Just an ordinary girl, in a not so ordinary online dating world. If you have any horror stories or wonderful messages from dating sites please send them to and I will post them. Don't worry, completely anonymously unless you're wanting to warn us ladies about someone specific. View all posts by bellaramone

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