Drugs R Bad.. MmmmK

[There is no picture for this one because I’m using the computer at work and with my luck will forget to delete any weird picture I save.]

If school hadn’t taken over my life (I just wrote life taken over my school) recently, I would have had a lot more posted on here, because apparently there are still a bunch of guys out there who haven’t given me a good dose of creep yet.  I’m a funny girl.  I like funny boys.  I have it listed on my profile as my headline “make me laugh.”  I guess you could take that several ways, or not, or something, shut up I’m tired.  I have it listed in my profile that I hate people who try to make me laugh and I guess I should have explained myself.  I meant- I like people who are naturally funny.  Not guys who try to be funny to impress girls, or think telling a knock knock joke is goin to sweep me off my feet.  Unless it has to do with corn in mop, then we’ll get along perfectly.  Poo jokes are always a winner in my heart. 

Just read my ad and I think you might laugh.  Write me any time i would like to chat.  Oh wow just read your ad and you want to laugh but you dont want people to try to be funy wow.  So how can they funny if they dont try to make you laugh lol.  Either i am really high or the acid trip extended to you last night lol.  Only joking but sorry i am trying to joke but not sure if this makes you mad or hell now i am confussed lol.  Seriously though for some clarity, I like making people laugh mostly women.  I am guessing this is better than me saying hi and lets chat lol.  Thanks.

Confussed?  I’m confused now. How’d you like that? Funny right? His run on sentences annoyed me more than reading his profile about how he is a rapper and poet.  What is with the Eminem types that I draw in?  FAIL.


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