The DaVinci Code

Hold onto your pants because this never happens!  I am a woman, and I am 26 years old.  Yes, I admitted my age.  I actually have no problem with that because I look 21 anyways.  Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah!  I, along with millions of other people, have a full QWERTY board on my phone.  It makes things so much easier and I don’t have to shorten words and use abbreviations.   My mom uses text shorthand and I feel like being as young as I am I should know what these things mean.  I don’t.  It makes me feel old.   I do know that imo is in my opinion.  And my favorite jersey boy always uses ab for about.  Other than that I’m pretty out of the loop except for the good ‘ole OMG.  I received this message and I’m having trouble figuring out what it means.  Maybe you can help.

hi bby

I recruited the help of some friends and here is what we have come up with as to what “bby” could stand for.
BBY= bubble butt yearning
BBY= brontosaurus breaking yo-yo’s
BBY= big beautiful yak
BBY= brutal boring year
Alright that’s all we’ve got, because dammit “Y” is a hard one!  And yes it’s clear that he tried to type baby and spelled it incorrectly, but I had much more fun with this.  Either way, in my book it’s still a FAIL.


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