Neverending Story II

If you read The Neverending Story, then you have half a clue as to what this message will hold.  The major difference in that post was that I didn’t actually read everything that guy wrote, I did read everything in this one because it was kind of funny.  Funny in a WTF is he talking about type of way.  You’ll understand when you get to the out of the blue “adoption” part.

I don’t like to write about myself too much, so let’s get together and talk about it. Here, since tells us how to break the ice I’ll try to do it myself… I like pussy (cats). My middle name is [sorry I can’t think of anything good]. If i was gay or a chick Eddie Vedder and the rest of pearl jam would need a restraining order.  And i still don’t enjoy typing at all, so gimme a call, or ill play with a ball, i won’t wait till next fall, any who
Hi, my name is [Sir Talks-a-lot]. I live in [a suburb] and I get very shy around beautiful women.  About a week ago my grandmother purchased a computer for me for my birthday (I haven’t had one in many years), and I intend to do much more with it than meet ladies.  I will have worked as a picture framer in [another suburb] for a year in February.  I grew up in [yet another suburb] and have family all over [a city!] land and a little in various states.
Speaking of family, I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of becoming the master of a domain that holds many generations.  I don’t know about this internet stuff, but I do know my brother has found some happiness by use of it.  He is now married in [a different state].  I myself am in no position to get married currently, though i did flirt with the idea a little too much with a girl a while back. I am one of many siblings including halfs and steps, and helped raise a few of them.
I spend too much time playing video games, school, and fixing rc race cars to think about kids.  Though I know only one of the last three matters and nixing the other two would free up a great amount of time.  I choose not to because I myself have not decided on the idea of adoption.
I have moo cow colored cat, his name is Pango.  He is a pain in the butt spoiled brat, but I love him anyway.  Well that is a small portion of me. Hope to hear back soon.

For someone who doesn’t like to talk about themselves, he sure as Hell had a lot to say! Well, Sir Talks-a-lot, I hope you and Pango have a great time figuring out your adoption situation.  FAIL.
What better way to end this post than a great song that rhymes with Pango… It’s Wango Tango time errrrbody!!


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