It’s a funny story, you see…

It took me a minute or two to decide if I should actually post this message or not.  I wanted to make sure it was well worth your time to read it.  Honestly, I’m not really sure it’s worth anyone’s time but I’m going to post it anyways.  Do I preface this with the situation? Sure why not.  This gentleman caller had messaged me awhile ago and I never responded because he didn’t really leave me needing to respond to his statement.  However, recently with the decrease in WTF type of messages, I had to start replying to more messages so my profile wouldn’t say “rarely responds” anymore.  He put his subject title as a food combo I liked (and for the fear that too many people now know about this blog and will figure out who really is writing this I’m not going to list that combo) and then in the body said that the title said it all.  Really- what do I respond to that?  So eventually I wrote back “yes it is!”

Ok, so if I ask more of a question like “how was your day?” will I be able to coax a little more than three words? 😛 j/k
But seriously, how was your day? (and/or days since me sending this and you reading it) Not too many girls seem talkative on here lately, and I’m just bored most nights with no one to have interesting conversations. Btw, have you ever heard someone use “conversate?” Funny story: I went into an interview that I really wanted to nail spot on (side note: I did actually get the job) and the interviewer and I were really getting a good rapport going and I felt really good about the interview. We got to a point where we had gone over pretty much everything and were just chatting a bit. I remember we got onto the topic of people using poor grammar or “non-words” and I jokingly used conversatin’ to illustrate. His eyes about bugged out of his head and I swore he looked about ready to grow horns and smite me down. Thankfully, that only lasted a split second after which he told me that particular word was his biggest pet peeve. Of course, I totally thought I blew it with that right up to the point I got the call saying I’d landed the position. Luckily, he was a well humored guy. To this day though, every time I hear the word, my heart starts to pound remembering that moment and the feeling 😛

I guess it was one of those had to be there moments, huh? So now do I respond with “funny,” “LOL,” or my ultimate favorite response to use when you really just don’t care “I see.”  I think using “I see” automatically gives the recipient that feeling a kid gets when they’re super happy to have a popsicle and then some bully comes and takes it away.  Thanks for your “funny” story. FAIL.


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