Thanks be to Gawd

Alright, so I’ve been slackin’ on this blog.  Part of it has to do with the lack of creativity I’ve been receiving lately, and part of it has to do with homework and laziness.

My friend showed me this lil do-dad, and I was trying to figure out what kind of post I could rope this into.  It’s completely obvious though;  We should all be thankful to the Lord up above, Buddha, the little green aliens we idol, or whoever it is that helps you get through life, that we have not been approached by this guy.  I highly suggest watching the whole thing, but if you get scared easily or just have ADD, zip it on up to 2:14 when it gets real creepy.  So just remember, there are tons of creeps out there, but at least they’re not in the underwear in their basement.  Well, hopefully.

Oh and total street cred to Wayno Draino for making this lil masterpiece.   And don’t worry ladies, I’ll be back on Monday with some new posts and ridiculous messages.  Tomorrow the Bears play, so there is no way I’ll be posting.

Happy Dating!


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Just an ordinary girl, in a not so ordinary online dating world. If you have any horror stories or wonderful messages from dating sites please send them to and I will post them. Don't worry, completely anonymously unless you're wanting to warn us ladies about someone specific. View all posts by bellaramone

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