Freak on a leash

Most of these messages are funny, and I know you all get a good laugh.  However, I sometimes get those weird, creepy, TMI messages too.  I thought I’d share a great couple instant messages I got yesterday.

Creep: you have such a cute, yet naughty look….I LOVE IT!
Me: Um, naughty? Not so much…
Creep: i have to ask b/c you’re hot….more of a goody goody, or more on the naughty side? O:-)
Me: Um, yea no thanks.
Creep: let’s just say this… when i date someone, i think it’s SUPER HOT that while i’m 100% faithful, she’s a lil bad on the side w/ others, and tells me all about it while we play after. I’ll give you a minute to pick up your jaw from off the ground 😉
Creep: silence is never good. lol
*This user has been added to your block list

Um…. well… ok.  This would probably be a conversation that should be had later in a relationship, or through posts on Craigslist.  Not the best way to introduce yourself to a lady.  Can I stress the lady part here? I mean to each their own, whatever gets you off buddy.. but seriously: FAIL.


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Just an ordinary girl, in a not so ordinary online dating world. If you have any horror stories or wonderful messages from dating sites please send them to and I will post them. Don't worry, completely anonymously unless you're wanting to warn us ladies about someone specific. View all posts by bellaramone

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