It’s a bird- It’s a plane- It’s a pteradactyl!

So sometimes you get the occasional message that makes you laugh.  Well, at least I do, because I have a weird sense of humor.  Anyways… sometimes you get that occasional message and you laugh, but still think what the hell is this person on? Well here is one of those messages.  There’s really no point in building this up more than that because it’s one of those “lemme laugh out loud a little moments,” but also a “roll your eyes and say ‘weirdo’ under your breath” moments.

Did you know that deer dont have uncles, they just have ‘antlers’? Or that a wall of fans is pretty ‘fantastic’? Haha. I love to be punny and make others laugh.
[Here he just states his stats and some ramblings about our common interests]
If you had a superpower what would it be? Favorite color? Who would win in a fight – a bear with machine gun feet or a chainsaw pooping pteradactyl?

How do I sum this one up? Well I’d like to be invisible, I like purple, and I’m pretty sure the bear would win seeing as if you’re pooping out things that can cut through logs- you might die. FAIL.   Ha- I said pooping.


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