The Neverending Story

That picture is a
warning. If you don’t believe me… WARNING:
Reading the following message from “Nick” may put you to
sleep. Please do not attempt to operate heavy machinery, or
any type of vehicle while reading this following post. Also
it’d be in your best interest not to be carrying a small child or
animal as I wouldn’t want you to pass out due to exhaustion and
drop them as well. These messages from randoms are only meant
to hurt me, not others around me.

adorable lol, since you wont acceot short messages here you go:hey
im nick. Nice to meet you. i grew up for the most part in belvidere
with my worry worm mother and have always been mr. popular i guess.
i went to a private grade school, public high school, was a party
animal and had a reeeeallly good time back in the day we could say
lol. i fell in love with a girl when i was 17 and we broke up a few
years later. at the time i was emotionally crushed but i bravely
packed my bag while my mom was at work and ran away to chicago with
70 bucks. i stayed at my friend zach’s house in wrigleyville at
first and then after the first weekend i got a job working for a
marketing firm (with a GED lol, jobs these days). after working
there i got to shine brightly and won a few petty awards from the
company. i met some people moving back home to cali and then when
it got cold and i ended up on a whim impulsively packing up and
moving out there to meet up with them, they blew me off but I had a
ton of money in the bank so I was good. this would become my life
style for the next 2 and a 1/2 years as i built up my resume and
discovered my god given sales /entropenourial talent lol. from
august 2008- march2010 i went to chicago, cali, chicago, cali,
chicago, utah, chicago, cali, chicago, florida, tennessee,
sanantonio TX, dallas TX, chicago, reno NV, cali and then finally
when i was so sick of plains and tetris style packing the car full
of everything i jumped on an amtrak train and took a train all the
way home to harvard il and came home to work locally in the burbs
for att coorprate. from march untill august we tryed to make things
work untill one day i walked out of a meeting and came home to go
to school. With that being said im a 22 year old freshmen in
college going into my second semester at rock valley and im kicking
ass, but the preasure of catching up with friends from highschool
educationally leaves me at sort of a disposition relationship wise.
The only other bad thing is that i love to party but as jan1st 2011
im going to stay sober for 90 days untill the end of march to get
some stuff done that drinking with my unproductive friends has
prevented me from doing lol. one of the things on the list is
establishing a new more healthy social network in which ill
actually have something to talk intelligently with people about. i
dont realy care about weed to much but i dont smoke.

I guarantee I have enough to offer to make a cute awesome
girl happy but im not trying to be all balls to the wall party
animal like most people our still down to go out, and can
make plentyu of time to date someone, but im a buisy man lol. where
iam at now i just realy want to have that complete feeling that
only a good girlfriend can make you feel :). im not jealous at all
but dont get takin advantage of very easily, and expect to be
treated equally. im also very very open minded and accepting . well
i guess that sums it up, im extremely motivated to get a few things
out of the way so that i can continue forward in accomplishing my
dreams, im extremely in to personal growth and development, im a
lil lonely as of late and most importantly im looking for a cute
girl that i would click with realy well wether it be through
similar interests or chemistry from our diffrences. with that being
said my winter break isnt over untill the 15th so hit me up
whenever and ill most likely get back to you soon after

honestly stopped reading after a couple sentences and picked back
up at “thanx.” (FAIL) I sure as Hell hope you did the same too
because I am not obligated to give you 5 minutes of your life
back. Sorry. I can just try to make up for that with
this lovely rendition of what I think Nick was trying to get


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