Hook, line, and sink her

So I received a message from a guy I have no interest in whatsoever, but he trailed off in his message and I was confused so I decided to write back.  Here’s how this one went.. (I’ll name him “such-a-shame” for now)

Such-a-shame: subject: FYI
You do clean up well. But your messy look is still rather hottistic. Such a shame thou…

Me: why is it a shame I look good?

Such-a-shame: That’s not what I meant by it. But there was a very viable reason why I said it. I will tell you later okay. My names “Such-a-shame.”  Pleasure to meet you.
Gotta get to bed now, big day for me tomorrow.
Good Night

Such-a-shame (the next morning after I never responded): well, I had a good morning at work. Got my stuff done.
Such a shame…. only wrote that because I wrote you a while back without answer. No biggie. However I still saw your new picture and sent a compliment. Have fun chick….

Well, such-a-shame, I’m glad you had a good morning at work, but I really don’t care.  Did you see though what he did there, ladies? He trailed off in his first message and didn’t make sense so that I would write back.  Nicely played, such-a-shame!  But then he went into one of my dont’s, which would be if at first you don’t succeed- give up!  If it was “no biggie” then why bother messaging me again? He did get me though- because I did respond to the first message.  I’m gonna go ahead and say that in the end though: FAIL.


About bellaramone

Just an ordinary girl, in a not so ordinary online dating world. If you have any horror stories or wonderful messages from dating sites please send them to onlinedatingfail@yahoo.com and I will post them. Don't worry, completely anonymously unless you're wanting to warn us ladies about someone specific. View all posts by bellaramone

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